Ep 30 - What is the Most Female Friendly Story of the Bible?

February 28, 2018


Awwwwwwww heck (pardon our language)! Are you guys ready for another "feminist" story from the bible? Moreover, by "feminist" we mean a woman is in it, and that is the best this terrible book has to offer! Well, here's the story of Ruth, a lady just trying to get a husband. So, you know, super progressive. Ruth touches a weird guy's feet which we learn later is supposed to be his dick! Gross. But, also, why?? Don't worry though we look up some SEXY renaissance paintings of Ruth to help wash down the shame. NSFW, indeed. Speaking of shame, we find out the horrible secret surrounding our old friend King David's lineage. So if you're into intrigue, sexy paintings, and foot/penis gropings, this might be the episode for you. If you're not into any of those things, you're probably normal and please don't report us to the police.


Ep 29 - Exodus, The Finale!: Why Did We Need 10 Commandments?

February 21, 2018


Gird your loins and slap your thighs because this is the exciting conclusion to the Exodus story! A momentous episode like this needs a little extra so enjoy this extended session. We had to accommodate Veronica's version of the ten commandments somehow! SPOILER ALERT: They're super lenient. Expect no less from V. Except she wants to crucify Moses. So there's that. You know an easy way fool people into thinking you're you're divinely chosen? Spend a lot of time talking to a cloud and tell folks it's God! Worked for Moses.Then again, that just sounds like a dementia symptom...oh well! Join us for this exciting finale! There's plenty of quail to go around.


Ep 28 - Why did the Israelites Throw a Golden Calf Rave?

February 14, 2018


 We're baaaaaack!!! We know we've been back several times before but we mean it this time. We swear! This episode we continue with the harrowing adventure of 'Moses in the Desert: This Time it's Personal' Moses disappears, and everyone goes apeshit while Aaron uses it as an opportunity to realize his calf fantasies. Also, the Tipsy crew is left in horror when Alex reveals his sordid middle school world of trading cards. Enjoy!