Ep 07 - Why is a 37 year old man getting tricked by his father and God??

April 9, 2017


On this episode of The Tipsy Testament, we go a little more in-depth on the adventures of Abraham!  God seems to really be into promising people children in exchange for loyalty which seems super shady.  Abraham's wife, Sarah, gets into a feud with her servant, Hagar, over some baby drama and Abraham decides that pretending to be Sarah's brother is a great form of subterfuge.  Have you ever heard of a 37-year-old man being tricked by his own father into being murdered? Well, we've got that covered too.  We also have a pretty enlightening discussion about how we each navigate our lives based on our upbringings and how growing up religious can shape your outlook on life. Also, drunk Veronica calls Alex a penis face.