About us

March 25, 2017

The Bible.  The best-selling book of all time and one of the most important and influential works of literature ever created.  Its stories and teachings have sculpted the face of culture and civilization since time immemorial; now you can listen to three drunk scientists struggle to successfully (and sometimes not so successfully) navigate it.

Join us on a drunk journey through the twists and turns of this ancient text with two ex-Christian, semi-experts and one complete Bible-idiot as we attempt to learn more about.  Also, we’re all very drunk.  Also, we’re all very, very sorry.

Think of this as your drunken primer to the Bible and Christian culture.  Hope you’ve got a drink handy.

Veronica – Bible Idiot

Our resident Bible-idiot, Veronica grew up with a staunchly atheist father and a semi-Catholic, semi-Christian step-mother and birth mother who was Jehovah’s Witness.   Ever the rebel, Veronica spurned conversion attempts, even when she attended the strange, cultish church that her sister was into.   Veronica is now a neuroscience PhD student and is most certainly entirely composed of wine at this point.


Jonte – Semi-expert, ex-Christian 

Jonte was raised in the evangelical, Pentecostal Christian culture and was groomed to be a pastor from an early age.  Obviously, this plan fell through.  Jonte’s path to atheism was a slow-burn of doubts, compromises, and acceptances that led to a complete rejection of his former beliefs in his early 20’s but also a knowing respect for them.  You can find Jonte doing whatever and just chilling, ya know?


Alex – Semi-expert, ex-Seven day Adventist

Fully immersed in the Seventh-day Adventist church from the age of 12, Alex began to question his faith in his early 20’s after a short stint at an Adventist university and a gift of a Richard Dawkins book from his wife and fellow podcaster, Veronica.  Having completely embraced Veronica’s blasphemous ways, he is currently a pharmacology PhD student.  He also has a special place in his heart for Rihanna.  Rihanna, please call in.