Ep 16 - Brothers at war: One is a human bear and the other has a goat fetish!

June 19, 2017


This episode is a rare treat folks! Veronica is SOBER. Is she still as ridiculous as she is when she is drunk? How is she surviving without wine?! The Tipsy crew dives head first into the Jacob and Esau story in this episode. Why is a man wearing a goat onesie? How did blessings become a scarce commodity? Listen and find out!


Ep 15 - The Misadventures of Jesus: Zombies and Figs

June 9, 2017


You're in for a treat this episode! We discuss Jesus tormenting his followers with a zombie! Veronica shows her true geek side by ranting about Batman and then falls into a wine coma. Also, Jesus steals a tiny pony!