Ep 10 - The Misadventures of Jesus in the Desert

May 1, 2017


Join the Tipsy crew as we continue our New Testament exploration with a few highlights from the adventures of Jesus! Listen in awe as Jesus performs some high-end parlor tricks such as: getting a wedding party hella lit on wine, grifting a giant crowd of strangers by feeding them what most likely was mystery food, and killing a herd of pigs with demon possession! We all got super trashed for this one so we barely remember it! Maybe you can listen and remind us of what went down?


Ep 09 - Angsty Teenage Jonah and the (formally known as Whale) Fish

April 23, 2017


In this episode, we cover that classic children's bible story, Jonah and the Whale! We learn that Jonah might just be an angsty teen who is just trying to get to his Taking Back Sunday concert but God has other plans. We talk about how burlap sacks are the only way to gain favor with God so we plan out our sexy burlap sack designs. Also, Jonte and Alex discover that Veronica is a maritime disaster who REALLY loves Linkin Park. Side note: we apologize for the some of the weird sound levels. Veronica laughs obnoxiously loud in this episode. Damn Veronica.  

Jonah and the whale was suggested by The Dan and Kody podcast

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Bonus Ep 03 - The Last Temptation of Christ (1988) discussion

April 19, 2017


As a follow-up to episode 08, we decided to attempt to tackle Martin Scorsese's snooze-fest from 1988, The Last Temptation of Christ. Willem Dafoe stars as a whiny, introspective carpenter, Jesus, who specializes in building modular crosses. We're pretty sure he was the founding father of biblical Ikea.

In this bonus, we are faced with the realization that this particular film is un-goofable.  We watched 30 minutes of this contemplative, slowly-paced classic and then fell promptly to sleep with visions of sweet, sweet Willem Dafoe’s grim visage dancing about in our dreams.  It wasn’t all a loss, though!  There was a pretty dope kazoo-based song at one point in the movie.  Also: we learned that this particular version of Jesus is totally okay with waiting all day in a line to see a prostitute only to condescendingly proselytize to her! We also discover the joys of Green Goblin porn!


Ep 08 - Was Jesus tempted by a harem of women??

April 16, 2017


Episode 08 has arrived! Listen up as we introduce Veronica to our boy, Jesus! We discuss the three temptations of Christ and decide whether or not Satans temptations were ACTUALLY good temptations. Veronica attempts to land a record deal during this episode and Alex enlightens us of his love of chicken pot pie and Rhianna. Jonte discusses his first sexual encounter as we dig deeper into what tempted us as adolescents and young adults! Warning: if you love Quentin Tarantino, Veronica expresses her intense hate towards his bulbous ugly head. 


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Bonus Ep 02 - Stephen King’s Children of the Corn (1984)

April 12, 2017


For this bonus episode, we decided to watch Stephen King's semi-religiousy, 100% nonsensical Children of the Corn from 1984. In this film, kids decide parents just don't understand, Corn joins the MMA and give a guy the beat-down of his life, and Sarah Connor gives us the worst lap dance of the century. Also, Corn cop steals the show with his tour-de-force performance as Corn cop!


Ep 07 - Why is a 37 year old man getting tricked by his father and God??

April 9, 2017


On this episode of The Tipsy Testament, we go a little more in-depth on the adventures of Abraham!  God seems to really be into promising people children in exchange for loyalty which seems super shady.  Abraham's wife, Sarah, gets into a feud with her servant, Hagar, over some baby drama and Abraham decides that pretending to be Sarah's brother is a great form of subterfuge.  Have you ever heard of a 37-year-old man being tricked by his own father into being murdered? Well, we've got that covered too.  We also have a pretty enlightening discussion about how we each navigate our lives based on our upbringings and how growing up religious can shape your outlook on life. Also, drunk Veronica calls Alex a penis face. 



Ep 06 - Was Sodom and Gomorrah really about anal sex??

April 2, 2017


In this thrilling episode, we discuss the well-known demise of Sodom and Gomorrah!  God plays the ultimate prank and destroys two cities!  Why!?  Well, that's up for discussion but what's not up for discussion is that God will definitely turn you into a form of seasoning at the drop of a hat.  There's also a lot of angels in this story but, apparently, in disguise as humans - so they were probably in trenchcoats.  Also, these angels were most likely SUPER sexy cause everybody in those cities wanted a piece.  Veronica tries a few ill-advised, biblical pick-up lines and we discuss the experience of accidentally seeing some 600-year-old dad dick.  At the end, we take some time to discuss each of our relationships with the concept of prayer and talking to God.      


Bonus Ep 01 - Darren Aronofsky’s Noah (2014) discussion

March 28, 2017

Join us in this bonus episode as we talk about the inexplicable 2014 Darren Aronofsky anomaly, Noah.  If you’re into incredulous emotional and intellectual rollercoasters, this is the episode for you.  Why are angels turned into giant, cumbersome rock monsters in this movie!?  Beats the hell out of us!  We’re too busy trying to figure out where Anthony Hopkins got Gandalf powers and a flaming sword.  Also: Did you ever want to hear about Noah, obviously your favorite Bible hero, looking SUPER diesel and kicking some ass?  Did you ever want to hear about a Biblical family falling apart cause one of the sons saw some dad dick?  You ever want to hear about a cast of stars building a giant crate alongside some CGI monstrosities!?  Listen to us as we stumble our way through a discussion about this film. 


Ep 05 - Were dinosaurs on the guest list for DJ Noah’s exclusive Club Ark??

March 26, 2017

Join us as we talk about the Bible’s most famous luxury cruise, Noah’s Ark, featuring DJ Noah on the turntables and you know God was making it rain on this party!  ALL ABOARD!  We handle tough questions like: Why did Noah name his son after a lunch meat?  Only two of every kind of animal was allowed, but what if some tried to sneak in?  And let’s not forget the first occurrence of the rainbow!  We’ll also get a little personal when our former-Christian hosts talk about how they reconciled their young, budding scientific minds with the decidedly non-science based bible stories. 


Ep 04 - What was the first murder of the bible??

March 22, 2017

It's a thrilling murder mystery that we discuss this episode! Well, it's not really a mystery since we are covering Cain and Abel but Alex wants us to believe it is. We discuss whether God hates salads and you can hear Jonte become increasingly more belligerent as the episode goes on.


Ep 03 - Did God really create everything in 7 days??

March 22, 2017

The creation story and the Fall of Man are this episode's main events! Listen as we discuss Alex's theory about dragons, Adam and Eve, and Veronica gets really upset with the guys over how poorly Eve is treated.


Ep 02 - What is an erotic poem doing in the bible??

March 22, 2017

Veronica discovers King Solomon's obsession with gazelles in this episode! We cover Song of Soloman and discuss the impact that growing up religious has on one's sexual development.


Ep 01 - Why are bears killing kids in the bible???

March 21, 2017

In our inaugural episode, we discuss (2 Kings 2:23–24) and wonder why God chose bears as his assassins. This episode features two guest hosts and discussion of all of our religious backgrounds and current beliefs.